The pandemic has shown us that we’re all more deeply connected than we realize. When we stopped traveling, we all felt it emotionally, physically, and financially.

At over 10%, the travel industry makes up a significant chunk of the world’s GDP. Our industry has lost an estimated $1 trillion in revenue and over 100 million jobs.
Some of the most impacted people within our global community are travel operators, professional guides, and local artisans.

These are the memorable people we meet when we travel.

– They teach us about culture with reverence.

– They show us traditions they preserve with care.

– They sell us crafts they created with love.

This was why we created Local Purse.

Meet our team

Lola Akinmade Åkerström


15+ years – Domain Expertise, Travel Industry. 20+ years – System Architect, Technical Lead, Information Systems

Sara Mansouri


15+ years – Product & Business Development, Operational Excellence, Customer Success Management


Axel Bjällerstedt

Business Development

Business Administration, Impact Entrepreneurship, International Development

Michael Musimbi

UI/UX Design

5+ years Graphic Design, Brand Design and Digital Design. 2+ years UX Design

Shangesh P. Sangiliappan

Product Design

4+ years Service and Product Design, Strategic Design and Human Centred Desgin

Our mission

It is often said that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. 

Live video shopping is a macro trend that is rapidly changing the way we make our online purchases and it is the future of retail. By merging live video shopping with cultural experiences in a personal way, our mission is to provide a sustainable way of supporting the travel industry that doesn’t require physical travel. 

This also means reducing our carbon footprints while benefiting from one of the most culturally enriching parts of travel.

We will once again remember why we love to travel in the first place…The people we meet.

We are proud to support six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals below:

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